Grilled Salmon With Sweet Bourbon Glaze

Hickory Smoked and Grilled Salmon with Sweet Bourbon Glaze

It seems glazed salmon is all the rage.  It’s been popping up in all the food mags with all sorts of variations.  I’ve seen fresh blueberry glaze, jam based glazes, honey combined with lots of different ingredients, to name a few.  I came up with a bourbon, butter and brown sugar glaze seasoned with soy sauce, ginger and a splash of orange juice.

To raise the wow factor a bit, I decided to try adding smoke to the grill.  I used hickory wood chips that I soaked in water for an hour.   I drained them and put them inside the smoker box that came with the grill.  You can use disposable foil baking pans if you don’t have a smoker box.  Just poke holes in the bottom of two pans.  Use one for the bottom and use the other as a lid.  This works great!

The fish was beautiful, smelled amazing and melted in our mouths.  It was so tender and flaky and a little bit rich with the butter in the glaze.  The hickory smoke complimented the bourbon glaze beautifully.  I paired the fish with a Jamaican style brown rice pilaf and roasted asparagus.  Yummmm!

We had a store bought peach pie that was so bad it is not worth mentioning.  I’m making homemade peach cobbler today to atone!


Grilled Salmon with Sweet Bourbon Glaze and Hickory Smoke

Jamaican Style Brown Rice Pilaf


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