Grilled Boneless Pork Chops

Grilled Boneless Pork Chops with Shiitake Mushroom Sauce, served with Grilled Leeks and Endive with Broiled Tomato Mozzarella

Beautiful center-cut boneless pork chops were on sale this week.  I marinated them, grilled them and served them with leeks, shallots and endive done on the grill in a foil packet.  I also served thick slices of tomato with fresh mozzarella done under the broiler.

For the marinade, I used a shallot vinaigrette.  Then, I sauteed shiitake mushrooms in a little olive oil.  I like to use my marinades as a finishing sauce.  I know lots of chefs say to discard the marinade.  As long as you bring the marinade to a boil, you are not in any danger of poisoning yourself.  So, I used the shallot vinaigrette marinade.  I brought it to a boil and then cooked it until it had reduced to a nice thickness.  I added the sauteed mushrooms and dressed the grilled pork chops with the sauce.  It was delicious.

Building the Packet of Grilled Leeks, Shallots and Endive with Lemon

For the grilled vegetables, I used the foil packet method.  I use the extra wide foil so you can make a bigger packet.  I doubled it over to make it stronger.  I piled up leeks, shallots, and endive that I had cut in half.  I drizzled a little olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.  I squeezed a little fresh lemon juice on the vegetables to give them a bright flavor.  I decided to include a few thin slices of lemon in the packet for show.  In retrospect, I would not do the lemon slices in the packet again.  They became bitter and caused the vegetables to be a little bitter.  Next time will garnish the grilled vegetables with the lemon slices after the vegetables have been cooked.  The dish is really gorgeous and smells fabulous.  Try it for a nice change of pace.

Chocolate Mousse

For dessert, I made a light and cool chocolate Mousse.  Mum loves dessert and she especially loves chocolate.  So this dessert was a big hit.  It is so simple to make.  Check out the recipe.


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