Whole Snapper, Stuffed and Grilled

I grilled a whole snapper and it was so gorgeous, I wanted to share the photo with you.  Unfortunately I can’t remember what the heck I stuffed it with.  I’m a bit behind on getting my posts up, and my memory seems to have failed me here.  The pictures don’t really reveal what is inside the little bugger either.  I suppose a nice crab or chopped shrimp stuffing with butter, garlic and breadcrumbs would be delicious.  I know I was strictly watching my carbs and calories, so I probably didn’t do a breadcrumb stuffing.  David thinks I stuffed it with multi colored bell peppers and onions.  I think that would be pretty to look at, but I think the buttery breadcrumb stuffing would taste way better.  So, suit yourselves.

Grilled Snapper with Mystery Stuffing

Make sure your fish monger takes all the scales off any whole fish you plan to cook.  The snapper had very big scales, and lots of them.  I stuffed the fish, tied it with kitchen twine.  I rubbed it with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.  I grilled on medium high for about 4 minutes a side.  My grill runs extremely hot, so you may want to grill it for a bit longer.  Better to err on the side of under cooking.  I served the fish with a tossed salad that included green olives and feta cheese.

If I stuffed it with peppers and onions, I think they would have been previously grilled (I prepare grilled peppers and onions frequently).  They wouldn’t cook as quickly as the fish would.  So, I probably had some left overs from the previous day and used them as a stuffing.  If only I could find a few of those missing brain cells.  Be brave and come up with your own stuffing.


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