Beach Barbecue

Our good friends, Carl and Rozan had us to their oceanfront time-share for a beach barbecue over the Memorial Day weekend.  So, as a thank you, I invited us back to their place, but I brought all the food and did all the cooking.

Peppers And Onions On The Grill

I needed a menu that could be easily packed in a cooler and transported to the beach.  But, of course, I wanted it to have my usual WOW factor.  Since we were at the beach, I decided to go with swordfish.  I have mentioned before that I have access to the best fish monger I have ever encountered, Fish Peddler East, in Fort Lauderdale.  Their fish is so fresh it smells like the ocean.

Swordfish Steaks On The Grill

For a grilled dinner for company, you can’t beat grilled mixed peppers and onions.  Use all the different colored peppers for maximum WOW.

Crisp Fennel With Feta, Lemon and Dill

I wanted a cold side salad that wasn’t the usual coleslaw or potato salad.  So, I went for one of my favorites; crisp fennel with lemon, dill and feta cheese.  I made it in advance and transported it in the cooler in a zip bag.  The steaks were in a marinade in another zip bag.  Same for the peppers.  I had them marinading in their own zip bag.  All the bags fit nicely into a relatively small cooler.

Hot Off The Grill

My friend’s ocean front condo had a fabulous pool, patio and outdoor dining area right on the beach.  You didn’t have to get your feet sandy unless you wanted to.  It was pretty hot day, so we opted for the covered dining area.  It was lovely to eat that delicious, fresh food with the ocean as our backdrop.  I offered to become their personal chefs as long as we could eat all the meals on that patio.  It was really great.

I served fresh strawberries and blueberries with whipped cream for dessert.  It will be tough for me to top this meal the next time I entertain Rozan and Carl.

Oceanfront Table


2 Responses to Beach Barbecue

  1. Ann Vezina says:

    I love reading this Carol…I want to move to Florida and be one of your friends instead of just a remote cousin! Great stuff… Miss you, Ann

    • C’mon down! Anytime. Any excuse for a party is good enough for me! I’m glad you enjoy the posts. Part of the fun here is all I’ve been learning about food photography. David is my “light man”. Miss you too.

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