Sunday, May 16, 2010 Grilled Split Chicken

My joys in the kitchen have caught up with me once again.  As a result, I’m back on the low-carb diet and this time  I’m serious!  Really, I mean it!  The menu for today is fantastic for low carbers.  And your carb lovers won’t miss a thing, I promise.


Grilled Split Chicken with Sage Rub

My toasty chicken wasn’t very photogenic for me.  In real life, it was beautiful, smelled amazing and was moist and delicious!  After removing the little bugger’s back bone, I layed him flat, rubbed him all over with olive oil and a lovely dry rub made with sea salt, black pepper and poultry seasoning (mostly sage).  I let the bird relax with the herbs for a few hours before putting it on a hot grill on indirect heat.  My grill has three burners, so I turn the middle one off, and leave the outer two on high.  I weighed the bird down with a heavy floor tile wrapped in tin foil to promote even cooking.  It only cooked for 30 minutes.  I turned him over after 15 minutes.  Don’t forget to let the bird rest for at least 10 minutes after removing from the grill.

Cauliflower Au Gratin

The au gratin was a big hit.  I thought it was every bit as good as a potato au gratin.  I used my food processor to thinly slice the fresh cauliflower.  I stacked the slices in the pan and poured a cheese sauce overtop.  Sprinkled a little grated cheese on top and voila, easy on the eyes as well as the taste buds.

I asked David to help with the asparagus.  He had never grilled asparagus before and when he hadn’t returned after 10 minutes I got scared.  I ran out to the grill just as he was pulling them off, but I was a little too late.  They were a teeny bit over done, but oh man, they were delicious anyway.  For you newbies, don’t grill the asparagus more than just a few minutes.  Just long enough to put a grill mark on.

Minty Chocolate Pana Cotta

This pana cotta can be made with real sugar if you want.  I used a standard recipe and substituted Splenda for the sugar.  It was creamy and delicious.  I think the minty flavor disguised the fact that I had used an artificial sweetener.   The mint flavor and the food coloring was my little idea.  David and I discussed whether to use pink or green food coloring.  He voted for green.  What color do you think I voted for?


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