Sunday, March 21, 2010 Healing Food

Mum has been down with pneumonia for the past 10 days or so.  The poor dear ended up in the hospital for a few days.  Everyone knows what a dangerous place the hospital is for the elderly.  We were so relieved when she was released to go home. 

Her appetite is nil, except for dessert of course.  So she’s been having fruits and other sweets.  I say calories are calories when you’re sick, so have whatever you can get down.  For this past Sunday, I decided to make my Healing Stew for her.  It is a french stew packed with nutritious vegetables, fresh herbs, white beans and chicken, all braised in white wine and chicken stock.  Sometimes I make it with lamb and it is divine.  I like to serve it over wide, buttered egg noodles for a soothing comfort food feel.

Chicken Stew Packed with Vegetables and Fresh Herbs over Buttered Extra Wide Egg Noodles

David and I took it to Mum’s apartment and we all dined there.  Mum sort of squinched up her nose at it, had one tiny little bite and declared she couldn’t eat another thing.  David and I finished our meals and then I served the Blue Bell mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Mum’s appetite returned!  She enjoyed her ice cream and we enjoyed her.


One Response to Sunday, March 21, 2010 Healing Food

  1. Lyta Kessler says:

    How very caring you are for your Mother-in-Law….I sure hopes she appreciates all that you do.

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