Super Bowl, 2010

I needed crowd food that would still be WOW food for this party.  I was expecting between 15 and 25 guests.  Hmmmm…  pork shoulder roast feeds a crowd and if I make it up as mini pulled pork sliders with mango salsa, it’ll say, WOW, not to mention, YUM!  My good friend, Penny brought the fab mango salsa, because no one can make it better than she can.  The pork sandwiches with the salsa were so good, it all went before I could get a single snap of it.  I’m making it again this weekend so I can have some, but also, so I can take some pictures.  You guys, you can’t believe how good this was!  Unbelievable!  Click Here For Recipe.

Mole Chili Chili

How about Chili?  That’s a crowd pleaser, but I couldn’t make ordinary chili.  I decided on a mole chili with unsweetened dark chocolate and a variety of heat; roasted poblano peppers, jalapenos, cayenne and chipotles.  And while I was at it, I added a topping bar to kick up the wow factor. 

Grilled Jerk Chicken Wings

I added a big batch of jerk wings done under the broiler, so they are crispy and not wet.  As it turns out, instead of making the wings myself, I ordered a big batch from Wings Plus, the best damn wingers in South Florida!  I order 50 Jerk and 50 Medium Hot, but all grilled.

Roasted Shrimp with Asian Dipping Sauce

And to make sure I went over the top, I decided to make Roasted Thai Shrimp with Asian Dipping sauce.  I garnished it with roasted green onions and fresh cilantro.  Ha!  It’s so good it makes me laugh out loud!  And Kenya, I know you’re looking for the recipe.  Click here for the recipe.

I added some snacks to the menu; sugar glazed pecans, seasoned oyster crackers, bunches of grapes and Pepperidge Farm cookies.

Limoncello Spritzer

When I host a party, I always like to have a signature cocktail.  I serve beer, wine, juice and soda, but I like to have one featured beverage that I can make with or without alcohol.  For this Super Bowl party, I wanted something that could be made on the lighter side so people could have more than one.  I came up with a Pallini Limoncello and Perrier Spritzer with Mint Garnish.  I served it in martini glasses to add to the festive feel of the cocktail.  For the tea totalers, I used Lemon Perrier, a splash of simple syrup, mint and a lemon twist.  Everyone else got a splash of Pallini Limoncello, instead of the simple syrup and no twist.  This drink is absolutely delicious!  So light, with a hint of sweet lemony yum.


4 Responses to Super Bowl, 2010

  1. Lyta Kessler says:


    What a fantastic array of choices for your guests…I hope it was not too much work for you…. you seem to really concentrate on pleasing your friends & guests and that is always a sure win.

    • It was a really fun party and everyone loved the food! The next day, my neighbor told me that after they left my party, they had to go to another party for the second half of the game. She said she and her husband had a big let down with the food at the second party. She said they both just sadly shook their heads and said, “nothing like at Carol’s house”. Ha ha, isn’t that funny?

  2. Barbara Bentley says:

    These recipes sure make a college kid dream of Mom’s home cooking! 🙂

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