Sunday, January 17, 2010 – Shrimp Linguine

wintry table

The Christmas table ware is put away along with all the decorations.  Back to the winter ware, which seems strange in Florida.  It’s 65 degrees out and sunny but even to us, it seems like winter.  I collected these dishes from a variety of antique shops over the past few years.  I wanted to replicate a set that my mother-in-law had used that belonged to her mother.  They were so beautiful, but, sadly, they were disposed of.  Her dishes were red and white transferware made by Mason’s in the Vista pattern.  I had fallen in love with them and was heartbroken when I found out they had been disposed of.  So, I went about gathering my own collection.  I settled on the brown and cream colored Tonquin pattern made by Royal Staffordshire.  They are not as fine as the Mason’s but I love them anyway.

Tonquin by Royal Staffordshire

I needed a menu for today that was familiar and simple.  I had been under the weather for the past week and had my father visiting yesterday.  So, I didn’t have a ton of energy.  I was thinking, maybe a one pot dish of some sort.  I had some beautiful fresh pink gulf shrimp that I had purchased on sale from the day before.  I remembered I had made a shrimp and pasta dish  a while back, and that seemed like it would be simple, quick and elegant. 

Linguine with Shrimp and Arugula


Shrimp Linguine with Arugula

Warm French Bread

Key Lime Pie


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