Sunday, January 3, 2010 – Lamb Shanks

Mum with her new Christmas Scarf

You would think I would be all cooked out by January 3rd, but only if you didn’t know me.  Mum always says, “oh, you are working too hard” or some such thing.  Ha!  Cooking for company is what gives me joy.  It isn’t work at all, just pure joy for me.

I hadn’t made lamb shanks in a while and I know Mum loves them, so that’s what I fixed.  They are so gorgeous to present but really easy to make.  I fixed brown and wild rice and peas to go with.  I bought a coconut cream pie.  I must learn to bake one of these days.


Shanks just out of the oven



Lamb Shanks, Braised

Brown and Wild Rice

Peas (cooked in the sauce from the lamb)

Coconut Cream Pie for Dessert


Look at this table, what a picture.  This is the last holiday meal using the red cloth and the fancy china.  I will go back to the brown velvet and the brown and cream transfer-ware dishes.  Which I love, but nothing is as pretty to me as the red cloth with the white and gold dishes.

The last holiday hurah

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