Sunday, November 29, 2009 – Turkey Pot Pies

My Grandmother Pearl's Home Town

Even though I like every Sunday dinner to be a Queen’s meal, once in a while I back off a bit.  I served Turkey Pot Pie this Sunday.  Well, a little left over turkey, extra pie crust, some vegetables and a huge hankering for homemade Polish egg noodles did me in.      

I have been reading two new cookbooks (new to me); “The German Cookbook, A Complete Guide to Mastering Authentic German Cooking”, by Mimi Sheraton and “The Art of Polish Cooking”, by Alina Zeranska.  Ever since my Dad came to visit a few weeks ago, I’ve been craving Eastern European food. Dad’s mother swore up and down there wasn’t a drop of Polish in the family.  I always wondered how it came up so often, and why was she always saying that?  Then, I became interested in genealogy and voila, I found out my grandmother’s mother was 100% Polish!  The town my grandmother grew up in, Bronson, Michigan has a welcoming sign that reads, “Bronson City Limit, Sister City to Moryn, Poland”      

So, who makes the best noodles in the world?  There are lots of contenders, I’m sure, but I’ll go with the Polish.  Sadly, there isn’t a single noodle recipe in the Polish cook book I’m reading, but there are plenty in “The German Cookbook”.  Using a recipe from that, I made an easy egg noodle for the pot pies and they were heavenly.     


Cheese Plate with Fruit & Olives   

Individual Pot Pie

Smoked Turkey Dip with Crackers

Individual Turkey Pot Pies    

Warm Wheat Rolls

Chocolate Cream Cake with Hot Fudge Drizzle



Definitely time to get back to leaner menus before we all blow up like blimps!


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